We've joined forces with global software provider, IMS Evolve, to present complimentary IoT solutions that drive significant cost reduction and deliver immediate results.

We are supermarket specialists

Our groundbreaking Multi-Path™ system is the most energy efficient and cost-effective humidity control solution available for supermarkets.

How does Multi-Path improve your supermarket?

The Multi-Path RTU is the only system on the market that was designed specifically to address the complex, diverse space conditioning requirements of supermarkets. The patented air damper sequencing system reduces energy usage by independently adjusting all air stream “paths” dynamically as interior space load requirements fluctuate.



Designed by supermarkets experts, the Multi-Path system will seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure



Maximum dehumidification from the smallest unit in the market



Multi-Path optimizes your store’s space conditioning while wringing out every last drop of energy savings



Our warranties are the best in the industry and technical support is free for the life of the unit

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We’ll carry out a complimentary full-store design and energy use analysis that shows in hard numbers the difference Multi-Path can make to your store environment and your bottom line.

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Why do leading supermarket chains choose CES Multi-Path solutions?


We know supermarkets best because that’s all we do. That’s how we can offer total integrated solutions that no other company can provide.


Leave the complicated “heavy lifting” to us. Supermarket humidity issues are our specialty. We make your job easier by making smart engineering look simple.

Service & Support

We work with your organization to gain a deep understanding of your business so we can recommend what you do need and what you don’t.

Superior Results

Our customers experience an average of 20% - 30% energy savings. Many large US chains agree, reporting an impressive peak energy reduction of 25%.