Our beliefs

We strongly believe in community service and helping others, particularly disadvantaged and at-risk children. All our employees are encouraged to volunteer or give back to their communities in ways that are meaningful to them.

We believe in this so much we provide paid time off for our staff during the work week to contribute to their communities.  When you work with CES, you become a partner with us in supporting worthy causes such as food banks, after school programs, and the underprivileged.

CES proudly supports many organizations including …

Bee Me Kidz

An exciting new non-profit organization founded by CES, dedicated to helping at-risk children build the social and emotional skills that will enable them to succeed in school and life. Its ambitious goal is to develop a model program that partners with schools, communities and families to level the playing field for children living in poverty so that they can enjoy the same learning opportunities as other kids.

Primera Iglesia Evangelica Bautista de Barranca

CES is a long term sponsor of this school for more than 130 children in Barranca, Peru. We recently built a 3-storey expansion onto an existing church to provide badly-needed educational facilities for the children. The addition includes a library, computer room, a play center, washrooms and a sanctuary for the community.

The Leprosy Mission

CES is committed to providing support for this Christian development organization that diagnoses, treats, and offers specialist care, including reconstructive surgery, to leprosy patients. Leprosy is a disease of poverty and as well as providing healthcare, The Leprosy Mission offers rehabilitation, education, vocational training, small business loans, housing and fresh water supplies and sanitation to tens of thousands of people each year.