About CES

Consolidated Energy Solutions Inc. (CES) was established in 1998 with the sole purpose of designing and building dehumidification HVAC systems capable of controlling humidity in diverse supermarket environments. Today, CES is the industry leader in innovative, integrated solutions, providing unmatched equipment, service and support to many of the largest chains across North America. From energy savings to lifetime cost of ownership, our Multi-Path™ technology leads the next generation of HVAC dehumidification systems. Nobody knows more about supermarket humidity control than CES.

Minimizing our environmental impact

We strongly believe in environmental stewardship and helping stores reduce their carbon footprint. Our product innovation and development process is designed for supermarket energy reduction – maximizing performance while minimizing environmental impact:

  • Built for long life, CES RTUs last 20-40 years, much longer than other units, and reduce the amount of expired material going to landfill.
  • Eco-friendly design elements are used in all CES RTUs, including R-13 foam insulation panels, R-410a refrigerant with low charge requirement, LEED EAc4 enhanced refrigerant management, digital Scroll compressors and heat reclaim coils.
  • Store analysis report data makes it easier to apply and qualify for energy and retrofit rebates along with other environmental credits.