Our culture is formed around three pillars on a foundation of agape



Integrity is everything at CES. We have a long-term approach to business, and therefore believe it is essential to tell the truth and keep our commitments. We communicate with honesty and openness. Our decisions are well considered and ethical. We are transparent in our motives. We extend respect to every human being, always. We correct and take full responsibility for mistakes. Our words always match our actions.


We value the unlimited creative potential in every human being. We foster an environment of calculated risk taking and fearlessness, where pure creative energy can be unleashed. We celebrate failing forward. We foster a curious mindset.


We are passionate about what we do and are driven to continuously improve. We look to creatively serve with an attitude of bringing the ‘extraordinary’ into everything we do. We produce the highest quality products and services in our industry. We ceaselessly look for ways to go above and beyond expectations. We set the highest standards for ourselves and act with integrity to uphold them.


Our foundation : AGAPE

Agape is love “in action” and is the foundational value upon which everything else is established. Agape is present when we create relationships with team members, customers, vendors, the community and the world. Agape is love as a conscious choice, demonstrated by the actions we take rather than how we feel. We love people through those actions regardless of who they are, what they have done, and without need for our own reward or benefit. Agape fosters an environment of patience, kindness, truth, trust and forgiveness. This environment supports us to perform at our best.

Our principles: what guides us


The CES bar is set high – we expect everyone to contribute to their full abilities, skills and knowledge. Our expectation for a high-performance culture means placing driven, self-motivated people in roles where they can fully utilize their natural gifts. We set people up for success with ongoing feedback, learning and coaching opportunities.


We believe there is beauty in simplicity. We break down complex problems to get to the core, and express the solutions in simple terms. We never add unnecessary accessories to any work we do or product we make. We avoid complication and over-thinking.


We intentionally foster unity within our teams, our partners and our customers. It all begins with the foundation of a relationship rooted in trust, authenticity and transparency. We support the interests of others and the team above our own. We remain together and supportive as a team in the face of challenges. We resolve our differences openly and constructively using mutual respect. Our work is cohesive and consistent. We do not create silos in any part of our business.


We help individuals and communities outside of our workplace by extending a helping hand to those in need. We improve the lives of people by sharing our time, knowledge and finances. Our generous giving is an expression of our hope and love for the world in action.

Servant Leadership

We put people first, and value humility and character. We honor the development and betterment of others before our own desires. We inspire trust and confidence in others, and create higher levels of engagement, empowering others to harness their talents. We accept and delegate responsibility, share power and control, and co-create a culture of accountability.

We strive to be skilled communicators, listening objectively while seeking to understand. As compassionate collaborators, we invite the contributions of others. We anticipate the future and use our intuition to create a shared vision. We make courageous decisions. As system thinkers, we act and think strategically.