We have the most experience with supermarket HVAC and Humidity control

Our Multi-Path™ technology is the industry’s best, because it was designed and built by the supermarket HVAC experts for Supermarket operators. Delivering 20%-30% energy savings, Multi-Path helps operators maintain an optimal supermarket environment without overcooling.

The CES experience

When you work with CES, you’re working with more than a supplier – you’re teaming up with a partner who earns your trust and loyalty through our dedication to delivering results before, during and after installation. You’ll enjoy ongoing access to our team of supermarket HVAC engineering specialists and your system design will include best practices from our entire fleet of customers.

Working seamlessly with your engineers, contractors, maintenance crews and refrigeration and controls suppliers, we’ll ensure your CES solution creates a perfectly balanced supermarket environment with superb energy efficiency. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and believe in sharing our success by helping others to succeed. We’ll lighten your workload and maximize your results, because we only win when you win.


In a 2015 NREL study, CES ranked #1 out of 23 technologies tested in all 6 US climactic zones




“... the Adaptive Multi-Path System demonstrated substantial savings as measured by site energy use (31% - 35% savings), source energy use (30% - 34%), and energy cost (30% - 36%) across all climates.”

SOURCE: 2015 NREL Report: Energy-Efficient Supermarket Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning in Humid Climates in the United States

How does Multi-Path improve your supermarket?

CES Multi-Path’s patented air damper/sequencing system significantly reduces energy costs by adjusting all air stream “paths” independently and dynamically as interior space load requirements fluctuate.

Since the main source of supermarket humidity is from the outside air, rather than mixing dry return air with humid outside air and attempting to overcool the entire mixed airstream, Multi-Path isolates the outside air, removing humidity at the source.

Depending on space requirements, Multi-Path can also condition a portion of the return air to increase the sensible cooling and unit sensible heat ratio.

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Thousands of installations throughout North America

Many of North America’s leading supermarket chains depend on CES for our unrivalled expertise, innovation, service, and support.


Maximize your humidity control

We invite you to speak to a CES representative who can demonstrate the superior performance and improved efficiency of our Multi-Path humidity control system.

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