Multi-Path™ – customized solutions

Our patented Multi-Path units are customized to suit your individual supermarket environment. Compact, lightweight and easy to install, they are low maintenance, use off-the-shelf parts and deliver best-in-industry energy savings and ROI.

Multi-Path equipment design

While packaged rooftop units are specifically designed to cool the grocery sales area of a supermarket, they cannot properly dehumidify the space without overcooling the entire space.

Our Multi-path units are adaptable to all climate zones and load conditions. While especially effective in humid climates where other units fail, Multipath units use intelligence to automatically adjust to changing store conditions to maintain the ideal store environment.


Why choose CES Multi-Path?

  • Guaranteed to solve your humidity problem
  • Long unit life – built to last 20-40 years
  • Controls customized for your store
  • Complimentary store design & energy use analysis
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Adaptable to any region and all load conditions
  • Low-cost maintenance with off-the-shelf parts
  • Energy rebates and LEED credits
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Designed and built by supermarket experts
  • Superior humidity control and space comfort
  • Low lifetime cost of ownership
  • Partnership-inspired customer service
  • Accelerated lead time options
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Best-in-industry, non-pro-rated warranties
  • Unmatched energy savings and ROI in less than 2 years

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For retrofit construction

Supermarkets face many issues when considering a retrofit. In order to minimize costs, it’s important to:

  • Replace existing systems with units that are lighter or the same weight
  • Ensure the existing duct work can be used
  • Utilize the existing electrical breakers, conduits and wire sizes
  • Meet short retrofit schedules through fast and easy unit installations

Our dehumidification units are the smallest on the market, approximately half the size and much lighter. No need to structurally reinforce your building to accommodate their weight. We use your existing duct work and accommodate your electrical specifications. That’s what makes CES Multi-Path a drop-in solution that’s hassle free.



For new construction

We understand the complex nature of new supermarket design and operations which is why we custom design your Multi-Path units from the bottom up, working with your engineering partners to devise a solution that perfectly suits your needs, store by store.

From conception to installation, we work in concert with all other stakeholders to deliver your project on time and on budget.

For urban construction

Urban supermarkets often have limited space and non-traditional footprints. With our compact, lightweight design, and our variety of Multi-Path offerings, we provide custom indoor dehumidification solutions that integrate with the main building system in the available space. We take a holistic approach to every Multi-Path system strategy.

We analyze not just the HVAC, but the entire physical environment to deliver a space saving, flexible solution that can integrate with any central system.


Maximize your humidity control

We invite you to speak to a CES representative who can demonstrate the superior performance and improved efficiency of our Multi-Path humidity control system.

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