Retrofit Construction: 5 Important Things to Look for in a Supermarket Dehumidification Supplier to Greatly Reduce Your Costs and Minimize Downtime

An overly humid environment is bad for business. Humidity has a direct impact on energy costs, customer comfort and safety, product quality, and appearance. With energy spend cutting into store profits, and competition via online purchasing, supermarkets are looking for ways to lower store operating cost while providing an ideal shopping environment.

Humidity management is the number one reason why supermarkets chains call us for a retrofit solution. They want a solution that, understandably, lowers costs, minimizes equipment downtime, and improves shopper experience.

When undertaking your next retrofit, here are five important things to look for in an HVAC supplier to provide optimal humidity management:

  1. Supermarket HVAC specialists

    Today’s supermarkets have multiple zones with varied environments, including open cooking areas and restaurants, along with produce, frozen food and general merchandise sections. Adding architectural features like skylights, balconies, and vestibules to the mix, controlling the humidity in such conditions proves extremely challenging. Choose a dehumidification solution from an HVAC supplier that specializes in supermarket environments – one that understands the complex nature of supermarket design and operation.

  2. Guarantees to solve your humidity problem

    Look for a company that not only promises, but guarantees, to solve your humidity problem. Choose a company that employs engineers who will conduct an analysis and show you savings and results before you buy. The company should insist on working with your Engineer of Record (EOR), control contractors, mechanical equipment suppliers, and refrigeration contractors to provide the best solution for your store. Working in concert within this ecosystem ensures the correct design for the right application the first time.

  3. Leverages existing infrastructure as much as possible

    Work with a company that keeps your retrofit cost down by providing a solution that reuses your existing duct work, electrical breakers, conduit, and wire. Why spend the money replacing them if you don’t have to?

  4. Offers a drop-in retrofit solution

    Find a dehumidification solution that is smaller and lighter than the units you’re replacing, so there is no need to structurally reinforce your building to accommodate the size and weight of the new units.

  5. Promises the shortest downtime

    Work with a company that will help you minimize downtime, with fast and simple installation and a full factory start-up so that everything is plug-and-play when the units arrive on-site.

Choosing the right retrofit dehumidification solution, one that’s tailor-made for you by supermarket experts, can have a significant impact on both the efficiency and the profitability of your operation. Supermarket environments are simply more diverse and complex than most other commercial spaces and they present huge challenges to humidity control.

At CES we partner with our customers and their teams to solve the unique dehumidification challenge in a retrofit application. We work with your EOR, EMS contractors, and refrigeration contractors to meet the needs of your entire store. By assessing your store layout, exhaust requirements, make up air, refrigeration, whether you have under case return or high-level return, fan types, location of cooking area, location of freezers, and more, we deliver a complete store-specific, integrated solution.

We also work to avoid or minimize costs and downtime, by reusing as much of your existing infrastructure as possible without disrupting your business. To do this, we ask for plans, conduct site surveys, analyze your existing layout and HVAC system, and design a solution that optimizes reuse. We know that making changes like replacing duct work and electrical could mean closing your store for several days.

Since our Multi-Path products are the smallest dehumidification units on the market, approximately half the size and much lighter than the old systems they replace, there is no need to structurally reinforce your building to accommodate their weight. We also carefully consider which of your units to replace or eliminate including their position on the roof and the craning that would be required to remove the old units. Where possible, we replace units on the perimeter to help reduce the size of the crane required and the associated costs involved.

Multi-Path units can be installed within 1-2 days, all while your store remains open. We enable this by running a full start-up prior to shipment. Our units can operate as stand-alone or easily integrate with your building automation system, so no matter the retrofit application it can be up and running in no time.

Additionally, Multi-Path units deliver unmatched energy savings with a typical ROI of less than 2 years. A drop-in retrofit solution that is cost-effective and hassle-free, Multi-Path comes with free lifetime technical support, best-in-industry warranties, and exceptional customer service.

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