Trickle Down Effects of Poor Humidity Control

Humidity control is critical in a supermarket for energy efficiency but also for retail product integrity and safety. There are customer comfort and safety issues as well. A humid environment is uncomfortable for shopping and may reduce the time customers spend in your store.

Once humidity takes over, it readily migrates to the refrigerated display cases and can cause safety issues, including wet, slippery floors, responsible for many customer and staff injuries. Approximately 25,000 slips, trips and falls occur daily in the US alone, according to the National Safety Council, which brings up costly liability issues.1 There is also the energy factor to consider, refrigerated cases require 3 to 7 times more energy to remove humidity than if removed by an efficient HVAC dehumidification system.

Humidity is one of the biggest operational and environmental challenges faced by supermarkets today. It has a direct impact on customer comfort, product freshness and appearance, as well as the store’s refrigeration and HVAC energy costs, which account for 60 to 70% of total energy usage.

Source: National Safety Council,

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